The Concept

You choose, we deliver.

We find you a venue that perfectly fits your requirements: from iconic roof spaces to atmospheric church crypts, to historic halls, to our very own contemporary bars and restaurants.

We manage each and every detail of your event: food, drink, music, lighting and all the critical non essentials that make a successful event.

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Unique Venues

Indoor or outdoor, rooftop or garden party, seated or standing Swizzlestick events will cater for any occasion and are sure to find the perfect location for any special event.

Unique and interesting venues include galleries, warehouses, historic, rooftops and car parks to name but a few.

Who are we


Andy is the brains of the operation (or so he likes to think). Andy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, from 20 years in the events and hospitality industry and is the finance wizz who can make any budget work for the client’s desires. Andy’s love for the industry is second only to his overwhelming passion for his beloved Liverpool FC (oh and his wife Lara of course!!)


Lara, the face of Swizzlestick, brings the glamour and finesse to events that only she knows how, Lara is regarded by many as the very best in her field with an exceptional eye for detail and will tailor make any package to make each and every event unique. Lara’s moto is... "if the client is happy then so am I” and she always leads by example.


Sam is the go-to-girl for all pre-event coordination and can take any blank canvas and turn into an amazing wonderland, making every event magical . Sam works around the clock to provide the very best event management you can find. Sam came to Swizzlestick from the Isle of Man and brings with her not only a true northern work ethic, but also a dry northern sense of wit and fun.


Tony is the leader of the pack, the boss of everything nice, warm, cuddly and cosy, keeping all the team happy and loved.


Corporate clients can also benefit from the loyalty scheme including preferential rates on events and hotel accommodation, complimentary day time use of Patch bar, St. Paul’s for conferences and seminars and personal shopping vouchers and spa days.

Why Choose Swizzlestick?

We have been running events for over ten years. We own and operate two successful city bars and restaurants, Pause and Patch, as well as experience of running events at a wide variety of other venues. We take a personal approach to looking after your event, and can tailor your event to match your tastes and your budget.

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We do Weddings

Selecting a venue that stands from the rest is easier said than done, however look no further as Swizzlestick can deliver the perfect celebration in a very special way for a very special day.

From romantic grandeur steeped in tradition, to vibrant and contemporary your Swizzlestick personal wedding planner will look after all the details and help to take the stress of organizing your event. We understand the mportance of putting together an event for friends and family, that’s why we work on your event as if it is the only event that matters.


Sample Bowl Food All bowls at £4.50 each Sample Buffet Menu Minimum 100 guests Sample Wedding Menu At £34.95 per guest Sample BBQ Menu

Bespoke Menus

If you are looking for something unique, challenge us to come up with something exquisite for your event or theme. We have lovely garden inspired Best of British BBQ Menu, Authentic Aromatic Moroccan Grills, Spicy Caribbean Jerks with rum punch and Reggae and colourful Indian Summers Tandoori delights.


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